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DK Showdown BOS/TOR 9/1/20

Celtics took game one of this series. It was truly a team effort from the Celtics, with Tatum and Smart both finishing with a team high 21 points. As for Toronto, the team struggled fro the field as a whole.

So where do we go for the captain spot? Tatum is by far the most expensive at $15,000. Followed by three Raptors, Siakam at $13,800, Lowry at $13,500, and VanVleet at $13,200.

I think the answer to who to play at captain comes from one of the next two guys: Kemba at $12,600 or Jaylen Brown at $12,000. Kemba is coming off a nice game one, for DK purposes.

A couple guys I wouldn’t mind targeting below $6,000 is Anunoby ($5,400) and Gasol ($5,000). By taking one (or both), allows you to get some higher priced guys from this showdown. Anunoby has been consistent to say the least; with at least 20 DK points in each of the last 7 games. Gasol is a slightly more risky play but feels like he will get at least 20 DK points tonight.

So if you’ve built your line so far with Kemba, Anunoby, & Gasol, that leaves an average of $9,000 to use for the last three spots. You can grab some studs for the rest. For instance, you could go Tatum ($10,000), Lowry ($9,000) and Brown ($8,000) and have $0 left. If you like VanVleet ($8,800) over Lowry, I don’t mind that sub.

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