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DK Showdown MEM/POR 8/15/20

Dame is a LOCK. The question is, do you pay up ($18,000) for captain (1.5x) or take the $6,000 discount and plug in as a utility

While Dame will likely be high scorer from this game, I would much rather plug him in a utility spot. So the question is…who do you play at captain?


Morant is coming off a a triple double game against MIL, where he didn’t shoot well. I will gladly pay $14,700 for a floor of 40 DK points (60 in captain role).

So Morant at caption ($14,700) and Dame in utility ($12,000) leaves you with $23,300 for the remaining four spots. He may be chalky today but Tolliver should get the nod at PF today and at a price of $3,200…I don’t know how you pass that up. Eat the chalk on this one.

That will leave you with $20,100 for the final three spots.

Nurkic ($10,000), McCollum ($8,800), & Valancinuas ($8,600) are the top plays left. All come with some level of risk. Ranking the players in this group in the order I would play them as follows: Valanciunas, McCollum, Nurkic.

Moving to the next tier of players: Anthony ($7,200), Brooks ($6,600), Trent Jr ($6,200), Clarke ($5,800), Whiteside ($5,400), & Anderson ($5,000). Even with Tolliver expected to start, Clarke should play a solid number of minutes. For these price points, I am leaning towards Trent Jr, Anderson, and Clarke.

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