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NFL Week 4

Below are some players worth targeting this week on DK and FD main contests. The goal with this article is to remove the bias from your decision when building your lineup. There is some information about that player, without giving away who the player is. You can reveal the players at the end of the article to see who they are and the specific prices for both DK and FD.


The first QB we will look at is under $7,500 on DK & under $9,000 on FD. This QB is averaging 35+ points in both DK & FD over the last two weeks, and provides fantasy production both through the air and on the ground. His salary has been adjusted up in both but is still way under priced. He has a great matchup, likely to continue this output, with potential to give you 5x value on DK and upwards of 4x value on FD with ease. The opposing defense has been generous to QBs, giving up nearly 300 pass yards per game and upwards of 30 fantasy points to QBs.

The second QB we will look at is under $6,000 on DK & under $8,000 on FD. He is averaging just above 24+ points in both DK & FD through the last two weeks. The opposing defense for this upcoming week has not been able to defend the pass this season. The opposing defense is giving upwards an average of 400 pass yards per game. Look for this QB to build on the last two weeks. He should get 20-30 fantasy points, and at this price, thats great value when building your lineup.


The first RB we will look at is under $6,500 on DK & under $7,500 on FD. This RB had a lackluster week three, but has a great matchup this week to get back on track. The week three performance can be blamed largely on the game flow . This opposing defense is dismal against the run this season. This price point make it hard to pass this guy up, and look for him to be low-owned since he had a very bad week three (single digit fantasy points).

The second RB we will look at is under $6,000 on both DK & FD. This RB has had an up and down start to the season. With a couple changes on the offense, look for this guy to get more involved. He is carrying the ball around 15 times a game already. The matchup doesn’t look great on paper, but that is because the first three games for this opposing defense the other teams abandon the run game. This will be a low-owned guy, and could the difference for you in the final standings.


The first WR/TE we will look at is under $6,500 on both DK & under $7,500 on FD. A theme with this article, players who’s matchup looks bad on paper, which could prove to be some low-owned opportunity spots for you. This WR has 4 TDs through the first three weeks. I like the streak to continue and another TD for this one. His price should be adjusted up, and will be soon. So jump in on this guy’s cheap price while you still can.

The second WR/TE we will look at is under $6,500 on DK & under $7,000 on FD. He has 5+ targets in each game so far, and has a great matchup this week. He has double digit fantasy points in both DK & FD in every week. Look for this WR to offer upwards of 4x value this week.

The third WR/TE we will look at is under $5,500 on DK & under $6,000 on FD. He is averaging just over 7 targets per game. He has yet to reach the end zone yet. This is will be a nice stack with one of the QBs listed in this article too. The matchup is favorable, and the price makes you want to consider this player which allows you to pay up at others.

We hope that this article helped you approach your fantasy plays this week a little differently. Good luck this week and be sure to give us a follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest updates!



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