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DK Showdown MIA/BOS 9/17/20

If game one was any indication of how this series will be, buckle it because its going to be a good one!

So where do you go with captain in this contest? Tatum ($15,600) is by far the most expensive option, with Butler ($13,800), Bam ($13,200), and Brown ($12,900) to follow. In a way to construct a balanced lineup, I would target one of the following two players: Dragic ($11,700) or Herro ($10,500). Both went for 40+ dk points in game one. I do think Herro is a slightly more risky play at captain.

So building out the rest of your lineup. If you went with one of the two players I listed to target for captain, I would first make sure you grab the other as your first utility spot: Dragic ($7,800) or Herro ($7,000).

So if you went with those first two plays to start your lineup, you have an average just under $8,000 to fill out the rest of your lineup. Tatum ($10,400) had a GREAT game one, going for 67 dk points. that’s now three straight games at 60+ dk points. Go ahead and lock him in to your lineup. You’ve got a ton of scoring power in your lineup already and still have roughly $7,000 left for the final three spots.

I honestly don’t mind taking a flyer on Wannamaker ($2,800) in this one. He is cheap enough, that you can add two top guys in the lineup. He turned in a great game one going for 33.8 dk points. I don’t think he gets that in this game, but even 10+ dk points I would consider a win for this pick. Plus plugging him in your lineup gives you the ability to pick Butler ($9,200), Bam ($8,800), Brown ($8,600), or Walker ($8,200).

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