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DK Showdown MIA/MIL 9/2/20

Coming off another game one loss in these playoffs, do we see MIL bounce back again in Game 2?

There is no arguing, Giannis is a MUST in your lineup. The question is do you pay up ($19,500) as your captain or take him as a utility ($13,000). Giannis likely has a floor of 45-50 DK points, meaning at a captain spot, that’ll give you 67.5-75 points as a captain. The bad part is the lack of money you’d have remaining ($30,500) for the final 5 spots (avg of $6,100).

The smart, conservative play here is Giannis as a utility spot.

Back to the captain spot. the next four players are all who I would consider: Butler ($15,000), Middleton ($14,700), Bam ($14,100), and Dragic ($12,600).

Butler had an OUTSTANDING Game 1, with 53.5 DK points. for the captain price, I actually would skip him and go with a cheaper play, and get Butler in a utility spot (at only $10,000).Middleton and Bam are the next two on this list, at relatively the same price, it comes down to personal preference. Both have their risks. If MIA tries to force the ball out of Giannis, Middleton could be inline for another big game. and finally, Dragic has been on a great, over the last night games scoring 30+; with game one of this series scoring 44 DK points.

One player I would consider at captain at a cheaper price is Herro at only $9,900 captain price. He only scored 16.8 DK points in Game one, but has been above 20 DK points since the start of the bubble.

A cheap option to plug into the lineup is Wesley Matthews at only $3,600. He scored 14.8 DK points in game one. If we can get the same out of him game two, I’ll take it!

One more player I would consider plugging in is George Hill at $5,000. With Bledsoe marked as a GTD, I like playing Hill either way. Even if Bledsoe does play, he may be limited.

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